Annual Report and Accounts 2011

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Notes to the Annual Financial Statements
For the year ended 30 June 2011

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18. Inventories

US$ million 2011 2010
Diamonds held for resale 13.3 15.0
Work in progress stockpiles 14.8 9.6
Consumables and stores 4.9 4.8
Livestock 0.2 0.1
33.2 29.5
Provision for impairment of slow moving consumables and stores (0.3) (0.1)
32.9 29.4

As at 30 June 2011, diamonds (inventories held for resale) with a value of US$2.6 million (30 June 2010: US$6.5 million) are carried at fair value less costs to sell (due to fair value less cost to sell being below cost), resulting in a charge to the income statement of US$1.2 million (30 June 2010: US$0.3 million).